Fit Food Original

Calorie counted, balanced, and tasty

One-Time Orders

Our original meal plan based on calorie counting. Our culinary team makes sure the best taste is achieved and our nutrition team ensures that you can enjoy it guilt-free because each ingredient is weighed and measured to accurately count the calories.

Package Duration Price
Plan 1200 1 Week ₱420 per day
Plan 1200 4 Weeks ₱370 per day
Plan 1500 1 Week ₱500 per day
Plan 1500 4 Weeks ₱450 per day
Plan 1800 1 Week ₱580 per day
Plan 1800 4 Weeks ₱530 per day
Calorie count

1200, 1500, 1800

Package type

5 days, 7 days


1 Week, 4 Weeks

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