Fit Food Keto

Low sugar, low carbs, and high fat

Subscriptions (Auto-Renewal)

Our Ketogenic Meal plan that limits carbs to around 5-10% of the daily source of energy, limits protein to around 15-20% and gets the rest from healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, eggs, butter, animal fat, and coconut oil. Turn your body into a fat burning machine with Fit Food Keto.

Package Duration Price
Plan 1200 1 Week ₱635 per day
Plan 1200 4 Weeks ₱585 per day
Plan 1500 1 Week ₱685 per day
Plan 1500 4 Weeks ₱635 per day
Plan 1800 1 Week ₱755 per day
Plan 1800 4 Weeks ₱705 per day
Calorie count

1200, 1500, 1800

Package type

5 days, 7 days

Renewal Cycle

1 Week, 4 Weeks

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