Oatmeal Super Bowls

5 flavors available

Introducing our Oatmeal Super Bowls! High in fiber, rich in antioxidants, nutrient-dense, and promotes excellent health!

Matcha Oats and Cream:
Rich in antioxidants, boosts brain power, and promotes good health

Choco Banana and Peanut:
Rich in protein, high in fiber, and contains B vitamins

Mango Graham and Chia:
Contains Omega 3, loaded with fiber, and promotes better skin

Ube Coconut Granola Crunch:
Contains manganese and selenium, clean source of energy, and rich in fiber

Dark Chocolate and Almonds:
Powerful source of antioxidants, increase good cholesterol, and heart helathy


Matcha Oats and Cream, Choco Banana and Peanut, Mango Graham and Chia, Ube Coconut Granola Crunch, Dark Chocolate and Almonds

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