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Low fat, low sodium, and low cholesterol

One-Time Orders

Our low sodium and low fat meal plan which will help not only lower body weight but also lower blood markers like LDL Cholesterol. This meal plan also replaces high fat meat with low fat alternatives.

Package Duration Price
Plan 1200 1 Week ₱600 per day
Plan 1200 4 Weeks ₱550 per day
Plan 1500 1 Week ₱660 per day
Plan 1500 4 Weeks ₱610 per day
Plan 1800 1 Week ₱720 per day
Plan 1800 4 Weeks ₱670 per day
Calorie count

1200, 1500, 1800

Package type

5 days, 7 days


1 Week, 4 Weeks

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